SEO Audit

Report Features

  • SEO friendly rating and usability ratings
  • HTML Tags: Recommendations around duplicate values, title tag length, missing description tags, and H1 tag recommendations
  • Content quality report, including statistics around page length and duplicate content
  • Keyword density statistics and focus areas
  • Conclusion and overview of recommended improvements and changes
  • Internal link ratings and recommendations
  • Page speed rating, including response times, and page size breakdowns
  • Structured data details and backlink scoring

Why is SEO Important?

SEO pushes your website higher up the ladder of search engine results pages (SERPs). When best SEO practices are used, your website appears to potential clients on SERPs after they enter targeted keywords into a search engine, such as Google or Baidu. Your target market is already looking for you, they just need to find you! Read more…

High SERP rankings put your business in a prime position to attract new clients. When your website shows up on searches that are relevant to your products and services, potential clients who are interested will give you a click! The higher your ranking, the wider your audience. The chances of site visits that convert into leads or sales is a numbers game: With effective SEO, the odds become stacked in your favour by drastically boosting your site’s visibility.

SEO can target audiences both near and far. Local SEO focuses on acquiring leads in a particular area, often using location-based keywords. This is especially important today where nearly a third of mobile searches are location-based and a massive 50% of local searches lead mobile users to visit a store within just one day. With a dynamic campaign planned by the First Page team, you’ll see the impact local SEO can make.

For businesses who want to broaden their horizons overseas, international SEO opens the door to a whole new market. We’re a local Hong Kong SEO team with multicultural staff and global connections to our family of agencies across the world. With our world-class team and dedication to best-practice training, we have the skills to get your website speaking your target market’s language through premium content writing and accurate, concise translation services.

For the Chinese market in particular, our Baidu SEO expertise gives you the right tools to crack your desired market from Hong Kong to Beijing.

And unlike our competition, we’re ahead of the curve. We’re the only SEO agency in Hong Kong with SENTR™: an internal CRM system that improves communication, campaign planning and reporting. With live access to your campaign results, any client from small businesses to medium enterprises through to international corporations will yield endless benefits from SEO services with First Page. Considering SEO’s central status to any digital marketing campaign, it’s important to get it right. With countless happy clients and a global presence, First Page will take your business from obscurity to the search engine spotlight.

Our Results Do The Talking
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