How many searches do you get for business-relevant keywords? (per month)


What percentage of the people that search for your keywords click on your website?


Out of the visitors to your website,what percentage convert into customers?


What is your average
order value?


What is the average lifetime value of your customer?


Based on these numbers, here is what you could expect for return on investment*

  • Visitors 1000
  • Conversions 200
  • AOV $5
  • Net Revenue (Monthly) 80
  • Total Lifetime Value $8,000
  • Monthly ROI 700%
First Page Digital First Page Digital

How do you calculate SEO ROI?

As Hong Kong's leading digital marketing agency, we’ve scored over 71,000 keywords on the first page of Google for our clients over the last ten years. We are also dedicated to ensuring that your campaign is fully aligned with your company's objectives.

What’s the use of getting traffic if it’s not bringing in revenue to match?

As a result, we've combined our years of experience to produce the best SEO ROI tool for calculating the potential returns for your campaign. We measure your ROI based on the five most significant SEO metrics (highlighted below).

Our easy-to-use calculator can show you how much returns a data-driven SEO strategy will bring in.

Here's a little more on the metrics we look at when measuring the ROI of your SEO campaign...

How do you calculate  SEO ROI?

Monthly Search Volume

Knowing the monthly search volume of your business’s targeted keywords will give you insight into how much traffic can be unlocked.

How do you calculate  SEO ROI?

Average Order Value

This refers to the average amount your customers spend every time they purchase from you. Using this figure, we can more accurately determine your ROI.

How do you calculate  SEO ROI?

Lifetime Value

Lifetime value (LTV), or customer lifetime value, is how much money your business expects a customer will generate throughout their lifespan as a customer.

Frequently asked questions

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising your website to increase visibility on search engines and generate more organic traffic – and in turn, customer conversions. Learn more about SEO.

Like most marketing campaigns, the ROI for SEO depends on various factors such as your business’s industry, size and objectives. To put it simply, the ROI will be the one with the highest profit margins. Our calculator can give insight on what you can expect from our professional SEO campaigns at First Page.

Generating organic traffic and getting incredible ROI from your SEO campaign are very separate things. To achieve profitable results, you need to enlist the help of a professional agency that will fully understand your business objectives in order to create a truly effective SEO strategy.

No, this calculator is designed for calculating SEO ROI. Please use our PPC ROI Calculator to calculate the potential of your ad campaigns.

Our SEO ROI tool is designed to show you the potential returns if you run an SEO campaign with First Page. They do not form any type of guarantee.

Implementing an SEO strategy can grow your online presence, drive conversions, and strengthen your reputation in today’s digital landscape. Contact our digital marketing specialists to see how we can help you generate amazing ROI and explode your sales today.

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