What is Weibo?

Weibo is a microblogging platform, and one of the most important social media platforms in all of Hong Kong and China.

While Weibo was initially thought to be China's alternative to Twitter and Facebook, it has evolved over the years, and now boasts more that 500 million monthly users.

But, Weibo isn’t just for consumers. In fact, Weibo is an extremely valuable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.


Simply put, marketing your business on Weibo gives your brand the opportunity to explode its growth by entering the world's LARGEST e-commerce market.

And to take it further, Weibo also offers impressive marketing features and tools that are designed to help you sell more products.

Because of this, Weibo marketing is a must for any business that has customers in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Why use Weibo?

Over the past few years, Weibo has become an essential part of everyday life in China - almost 30% of the population uses the app on a day-to-day basis.

Below are some of the features of Weibo that you must need to understand before creating your Weibo account:

How to create an account

How to create an account

You can open your accounts and upload pictures and videos to share them with other users on the platform. Your profile displays your image, name, follower's data, career, etc., so that your friends can immediately recognise your account

Weibo discover feature

Weibo discover feature

Weibo's primary specialty is its "Discover" function, which acts as a complete search engine; it includes Hot topics and Trending searches where users can get the most updated information. The hot items are grouped into different sections, such as Entertainment, News, and Sports, by the help of which a user can easily find relevant information by using relevant keywords.

You can upload stories on Weibo

You can upload stories on Weibo

Like Instagram, it has a similar feature of Weibo stories where users can share stories with their followers for a time limit of 24 hours, and the story can be saved to an album on the user's profile. Celebrities use this Weibo story feature to keep their followers updated about their daily lives.

Weibo super topic feature

Weibo super topic feature

Another fantastic feature is "Weibo Super Topic," which is similar to the hashtag on Twitter. Celebrities usually use this feature, and it collects related posts shared by other users on a super topic. The super-topic includes several discussions, posts, pictures, and videos related to a specific topic. It has its page that allows users to post relevant content to discuss a particular topic.

You can follow international celebrities

You can follow international celebrities

Many famous international celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, Mike Tyson, and David Cameron have created Weibo accounts to keep in touch with their Chinese audience. You can also follow your favourite international celebrities on Weibo to keep updated with their lives.

You can play games

You can play games

One of Weibo's marvellous features that differentiate it from other social media platforms is its gaming feature. Weibo has launched a game centre Game.Weibo.Com, to attract a vast number of people where users can play their favourite online games like NBA and Pokemon.

You can pay through Weibo Wallet

You can pay through Weibo Wallet

Weibo's other feature is the Weibo Wallet app, with the help of which users can make payments for any product, pay loans, buy insurance, or even see an online doctor through the wallet app! You can use it anytime by linking your credit card with Weibo!

Weibo is a useful marketing tool

Weibo is a useful marketing tool

Due to having 462 million monthly active users, many international brands like L'OrealPro, Coca-Cola, and The Australian Tourism Board use Weibo to promote their brands in China. It's a powerful marketing tool for businesses to boost their presence in the China market. Weibo offers activities to increase brand exposure and gain fame among Hong Kong users through their marketing tools. Use Weibo for business today!

How to market your products on Weibo?

Here are stated some of the ways by which you can market your product, brand or business in Hong Kong by using Weibo Marketing.

Make your official account

To begin your Weibo marketing campaign, first, verify your official account to get a blue 'V' tag that lets your targeted audience know your page is trusted and reliable. After your account is verified, you will be given access to Weibo Marketing tools to manage your business marketing.

Search engine promotion

Weibo's 'Discover' feature acts as a search engine that allows users to explore the platform. It shows a list of "Trending searches" and "hot topics" so that users can get the most updated information quickly.

Our 'Search Bar Promotion' service by buying a keyword for your brand, after which your brand features as the top listed result, that boosts visibility and increases its follower base. Businesses can also buy 'hot topics' and get listed as third place on the 'hot topic' list.

Solid content strategy

Weibo is the biggest social media platform, where many brands post marketing content. The best way to gain success is to create effective marketing content that attracts customers and conveys messages to your targeted audience efficiently. Therefore, it’s necessary to develop a solid content strategy to attract customers in Hong Kong!

Weibo ad marketing

Weibo's cost-per-click advertisements feature a beneficial way to increase brand exposure on Weibo. You can use a call-to-action in Weibo's CPC advertisements to direct users to your product page.

Weibo lottery and rewards

The business that offers rewards or lottery is notably more successful on Weibo.

If your business is new, then the Weibo Lottery is the perfect way to generate more sales. Marketing campaigns that offer rewards, post articles for the chance to be entered in a lucky draw, held by the Weibo lucky draw official account.

However, many users have trust issues about the legitimacy of a lottery when the brand organises itself. Weibo has a native system to host contests where users can take action and be rewarded transparently with a prize, and the Weibo marketing system determines the winner.

Use KOLs marketing

Weibo Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are a great way of marketing your business in China. KOLs are celebrities, internet stars, and bloggers, with a massive number of followers and they can generate more followers to your brand with personalised, genuine content.

With KOLs marketing, the possibility for your business to gain awareness is endless as they are highly helpful in increasing brand exposure through their social media followers.

You can pay KOLs influencers for promoting and sharing your product introductions via their official accounts on Weibo. KOLs marketing is a useful tool in China to influence sales within the targeted audience.

According to data provided by PARKLU, about 1.5% of users who see KOLs post about products make a purchase immediately on Weibo!

Account customisation

After thoroughly verifying your account, you can customise your Weibo page using your business information on your account homepage. You can also merge your social media account with Weibo Window to sell products and raise sales conversions rate.

As compared with other platforms like WeChat, Weibo ensures a higher level of exposure for brands, and it offers more chances for brands to have their products seen by more users. Hence, we can say that Weibo is an ideal platform for marketing your business.

For brands that want to explore in Hong Kong, step up your Weibo account today to get started on Weibo. We are Weibo Hong Kong Agency to meet all your marketing needs!

Who are we?

Are you looking for a Weibo marketing agency in Hongkong? Then look no further!

We are a Weibo Hong Kong agency and are known for providing top-notch Weibo marketing services.

Weibo is basically a mixture of Facebook and Twitter that allow us to offer comprehensive marketing features that are aimed to grow brand in China. We will help you in creating a Weibo account and handling your marketing campaigns.

If you are new in marketing and want to gain more in-depth knowledge of marketing on Weibo or, contact us today! We are always here to market your business, products or brands on Weibo!

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