What is WeChat?

WeChat started as a texting app, but over the years it has developed into a comprehensive digital experience unlike anything else in the world.

This is because the app allows users to communicate, make mobile payments, shop online, and use nearly endless other “mini-programs” - all without ever having to leave the app.

Still not convinced?

  • WeChat has over 1.5 billion active monthly users
  • Over 50% of WeChat users are between the ages of 25-35
  • WeChat Mini-Programs have 300 million DAILY active users
  • Over 50 millions businesses in China use WeChat pay*

WeChat is easily the most important app used in China, which means if you are looking to do business in the Mainland, WeChat HAS to be a part of your strategy.

Why You Should Use WeChat To Enter The China Market

It’s the Best Point of Entry
Reaching the Chinese market doesn’t have to be complicated - and WeChat is one of the simplest and most effective platforms. Taking the first step with the right Digital Marketing agency can simplify the process while amplifying your outcomes.

Improve Visibility
Meet your target audience where they are. WeChat users are the ideal consumer audience. They’re easier to convert into loyal and engaged customers if targeted correctly through advertising and content marketing.

Access Your Prime Demographic
Whether you’re a traditional retailer, emerging E-commerce business, or service business, WeChat enables you to reach your target demographic.

Reach 1 Billion Engaged Users
WeChat is the largest social media platform in China, having 1 billion monthly active users. Imagine having 1 billion potential new customers!

Why you should choose First Page as your WeChat Marketing Agency

While WeChat is a fairly simple app to use, marketing on it requires a deep understanding of the platform.

You need to work with a Digital Marketing Agency that has a track-record of getting results.

(That’s us!)

From interactive displays to promoted videos, Facebook ads put it all at your fingertips

Comprehensive Approach

Comprehensive Approach

Because China is such a fiercely competitive and complex market, it requires a comprehensive approach. By developing a strategy that can analyze and predict customer behavior, we’re able to achieve a greater impact on your business than any other WeChat marketing agency

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution

We understand that success in business relies on the right product or service in combination with the right timing. We don’t waste your time and resources tinkering with unproductive and unnecessary aspects of WeChat marketing. Instead, we’ve created a WeChat marketing solution that you can implement immediately so you can start seeing fast results.

Intelligent Strategy

Intelligent Strategy

As a social media app, WeChat relies heavily on AI and machine learning to implement its advertising and e-commerce functions. Although we use an intelligent strategy, there’s nothing artificial about our approach. Instead, we make your WeChat marketing more authentic and more attainable to your core demographic, leading to quantifiable outcomes.

Powerful Impact

Powerful Impact

The only way to successfully enter the China market is to utilize WeChat marketing. By using our result-driven services, you’ll achieve powerful results that drive sales for your business and generate loyalty.

Real-Time Results

Real-Time Results

Don’t wait to see an increase in sales, revenue, and profit when marketing to your Chinese demographic. When you use our WeChat services, you gain access to prime segments of the Chinese market enabling you to obtain real-time results.

Our superior WeChat marketing services

Get your Hong Kong business in front of billions of China consumers with our intelligent WeChat marketing services.

  • Powerful Branding
    Make your business and product more distinctive on WeChat with our branding services. Through our WeChat branding services we’re able to create engaging content for WeChat in the form of images, video, audio, and messages that clearly conveys your brand message to your target consumer.
  • E-commerce Setup
    600-million Chinese consumers use WeChat pay. Therefore, selling products directly on WeChat is fundamental to achieving a favorable Click Through Rate and higher conversions. We’ll set up, and help you manage, your WeChat e-commerce store to ensure you’re getting the most from the app.
  • Moments Advertising
    Ensure your ads appear where users of the app are most engaged. Moments (in-feed) advertising is an excellent method to increase awareness about your products and brand among your key demographic.
  • KOL Activation
    Our brand activations ensure leading China KOLs are promoting your business and products to their legions of adoring and engaged followers. By creating content that highlights your product in an authentic manner, KOLs offer an experience that enables you to directly communicate with your consumers, ensuring they interact with your brand the way you desire.
  • Expert Analytics
    Data is essential for implementing and scaling a WeChat marketing campaign. By choosing First Page as your preferred WeChat marketing agency, you’ll gain monthly analytics highlighting the efficacy of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

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