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Tap into a very active Hong Kong audience

Facebook is one of the largest advertising platforms in the world, with over 7 million companies using their services to reach customers and prospective clients. With global active monthly users reaching 2.32 billion and 1.52 billion daily active users in 2019, it is hard to justify not using Facebook advertising on the burgeoning social media platform. Facebook advertising in Hong Kong has continued to grow over the years, with a total advertising audience on the site reaching 5.50 million monthly active users – that’s well over 70 percent of Hong Kong’s population at your fingertips.

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A dedicated team on your Facebook ad campaign

Facebook advertising can seem like a straightforward process and, to some extent, it is. But dig a bit deeper and you’ll soon realize that a comprehensive strategy is required to make it truly worth your money and for your brand to reach optimal returns on your marketing investment. First Page provides expertise in selecting the right content, creative design, target demographic, and budget to ensure that your brand succeeds in reaching customers with a high conversion rate. In addition, we provide A/B testing of different components of your ad to test different strategies and see what works best for your specific Facebook marketing campaign. By monitoring this, we can see which types of content need modification and which are working, leaving no room for disappointment.

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We design and brand your Facebook advertising

Designing Facebook ads has never been easier with First Page’s team of professionals. We have extensive experience creating ads in various formats and have a keen understanding of which are the best received for different purposes. We can help your brand create eye catching photos, engaging videos, slideshows and carousels for a variety of your products. All our Facebook ad copies are crafted with the attention to detail necessary to create valuable leads for your brand. Our agency has a team of multilingual graphic and digital designers with a proven portfolio when it comes to creating instant experiences, images, and videos in a variety of languages and industries. This way, we can help you get a head start in the incredibly dynamic Hong Kong market and outperform your competitors.

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Words matter - We do Ad copy in English and Chinese

Writing content that suits your brand’s needs and helps compel new and returning customers to engage with your brand’s services is the bread and butter of First Page’s services. We help you zero in on your preferred demographic by writing smooth copy that will be sure to grab consumers’ attention. Our team of experienced writers will ensure that your brand message and tone is correctly conveyed in both languages. Pushing out bilingual Facebook advertising in Hong Kong, where a large portion of the population speaks both English and Chinese, can drastically increase your potential conversions.

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Performance focused

Great Facebook marketing is only half the puzzle. First Page also helps create the most effective landing pages for your brand, so that when interested consumers click on your ads, they are taken to a page that is custom built to capitalize on the engagement from your Facebook ads and drive conversions. We use a combination of strategies including keyword optimization, deep data analytics, and content experimentation in order to make sure that your prospective customers maintain interest and follow through.

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Conversion tracking and analytics

When running a Facebook marketing campaign, we take great care to study the performance of individual ads. All this information is tracked, especially sign ups, downloads, contacts, etc. and compiled into the optimal Facebook marketing strategy for your brand. We will monitor and adjust the focus of your Facebook spend according to which ad or audience performs best. With a deep understanding for analytics, we can showcase everything from a micro conversion to a sale. This way, we can ensure that you get the most value out of your media budget and are able to boost the reputation and position of your brand.

Your Brand Can Benefit

Although Hong Kong’s population may be relatively small compared to other countries, the total number of internet users in the city reached 6.67 million in 2019—equal to 89 percent of the city’s population. That means there is potential for brands to have a high rate of penetration should they opt to do social media marketing. With more and more people connecting to social media, advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, Twitter, and more will be crucial to achieving high success rates in marketing campaigns. First Page is a leading social media marketing agency in Hong Kong, and we know exactly what is needed to boost your brand’s reach and impact through effective advertising tailor made for you and your audience.

Reach Social Media Success

Moreover, considering the current market instability in Hong Kong, focusing marketing strategies on advertising on social media makes the most sense because brands need to have the flexibility to adapt to changing socio-economic headwinds. Offline strategies simply do not have that amount of flexibility. First Page leverages years of experience and deep understanding of social media in Hong Kong to deliver the results you need with the least amount of hassle. Our team is composed of the best talent in their respective fields, whether it is SEO management, media creation, content writing, you name it — First Page has the skills and capacity to drive your brand’s growth. Find out how your brand can benefit from advertising on social media by working with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Facebook Ads so effective?

Facebook is a giant in the social space. It has more than 1 billion active users, which makes it incredibly effective. On FB, we can target specific audiences, narrowing the focus down on consumers that matter. In 2019, the average ad impressions increased to 21%.

How to advertise on Facebook


First, we start by choosing an objective. We then set up your ad account, target your audience, and pick relevant ad placements. We carefully monitor spend and ensure all your budget is optimised for performance.

How much does Facebook advertising cost in Hong Kong?

You can measure the cost of Facebook Ads according to "CPC (cost per click)" or "CPM (cost per thousand impressions)". We will help you decide on a budget and strategy that will maximise your reach and ROI. Each industry is slightly different, but the costs for FB ads in Hong Kong still remain viable.

What type of Facebook Ads does your agency run?

We can confidently execute FB ads in any format. The most popular are image ads, video ads, slideshow ads, carousel ads, collection ads, and instant experiences. During your onboarding, we will brief you on different ad format suggestions based on your industry and objectives.

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