A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer


Video Transcript

This is Khawar, Digital Strategist with First Page Digital. Today, you guys will be following my day-to-day operations. What do I do on a daily basis? Let me show you around the office. Follow me. So, this is our new office. We have a few meeting rooms here based on the different countries of our offices around the world as well.
We have a little pool table here. And not to disturb people while they’re working, but I can just, you know, show you a quick glimpse of our office over here.
So, if you have a look over there. This is where we work everyday. Having a good day? Giselle?


Let me introduce you to our lovely lady of the office. She runs a lot of the advertising campaigns here. Giselle, having a good day?

Hello. Yeah, sure.

Sorry, I won’t bother you. You can do your thing.
So, you know, here at First Page, we pretty much run quite a tight team. All of us have a great time. We have fun when we work. We build strategies together. But most importantly our communication’s amazing, and this is one of the reasons I actually chose to come and join First Page and work here. Good stuff. Yeah, so, we’re actually heading out for a meeting right now. We’re gonna be heading over across to Kowloon side. And go out and help some businesses. You get it? You know, one of the things in Hong Kong is if you’re traveling from six AM to about eight AM, the trains are gonna be packed. You’re literally gonna have to wait for at least three, four trains before you can cross over. And this is starting to become a bigger and bigger pain in Hong Kong. However, it’s all good.

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Hold the handrail.

Yeah, so, basically, the business we’re meeting today… I’m gonna be conducting the meeting entirely in Chinese, and presenting in Chinese as well. Let’s see how they get shocked by looking at me, and then getting me to present for them. Things like SEO, SEM, Facebook ads, Google ads, whatever a businesses’ goals are, my job as a Digital Strategist is to get them to their goals through digital marketing. So, you know, so the businesses can actually grow, and as I mentioned earlier, save costs, increase market share, and increase revenue. And we all go home happy that way. And the games begin. Hi, I’m here to meet Nancy. Hey! Just back from the meeting, and the meeting actually went pretty well. The greatest thing from any meeting that is a good outcome is if customers or any business can come out from that with a better understanding of digital marketing. However, they’re gonna get in touch with us next week. Sounds good. Take care.