SEO campaigns

SEO Campaigns are exceptionally important, as they drive all the traffic you’re aiming at targeting to your website, whether it’s an article or landing page. Before starting your SEO campaign, you need to know all the key elements that are going to make it work.

#1. Keyword strategy

This is really important, as you need to choose the right keywords for the campaign. These are keywords that:

  • Pertain to the products and services that are involved
  • Are achievable
  • Match the current website structure (otherwise you can create new landing pages)

It’s good to analyze these every 3 months as things move so quickly. People are always asking new questions on Google and other search engines. Sometimes they use different words, or you may find new examples from your competition.
Also, as your business evolves and new products, content, and/or services are added, new keywords need to be created.

#2. Keyword sitemap

This is basically mapping your keywords to pages on your website to make sure you have the most relevant pages for your keywords.

If you don’t have the necessary pages, you can create new pages, and either you (or a content pro) can enter the SEO keywords where necessary. It is of great importance to have the correct page that corresponds with the keyword.

#3. Content strategy

It’s extremely important to update your blogs and have fresh content that appeals to your target market. Google loves to see content that is completely fresh and new, that you know what you’re talking about, and that you have great backlinks.
It’s important to constantly do your research when it comes to content, and sometimes hire different writers to get a fresh point of view on the same topics.

#4. Website audit

Website auditing is a crucial step to see how your website is doing. You want to prioritize all the high-level pages on your website, meaning those that get the most traffic. These are your home pages and really dig into these audits, especially if you have an e-commerce page (you’ll want to look at top categories).

You need to see what’s going on behind the scenes, and a full audit is the way to do this. You need to audit your website every month, on a constant basis.

#5. Competitor analysis

This is important as not only is there always new competition, but your regular competition may change their strategies and threaten your SEO gains.
You need to look at things like the keywords they use, as you may be able to use this important information for your website. You can also look at their content strategy, and all the different types of blogs they put out there which get a lot of traffic depending on the keywords they use.

Look closely at their traffic. Look at all the channels they use to drive traffic to their site.

#6. Link building

Links are crucial to a great SEO campaign, and you want to use links that really matter, not just any content that’s out there. You also want backlinks where other websites will link to your website, and that is done through outreach.
This is where you contact owners of other sites and ask them to add your website in one of their links.

The more links to other quality sites and backlinks you use, the higher ranking you will have on Google.

#7. Link audit

This is important, as you’ll need to go through the whole content of your website and check the quality of the links.

This is a huge step that takes a lot of time and effort and should be done by an SEO professional. It should be done at least every 3-6 months.

#8. Reporting

Go through all the statistics and information from your audits with your team and work out what is, and isn’t, working. Here you can discuss Google Analytics with all your website traffic information, keyword tracking, and backlinks. Do this every few weeks.

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