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Why you need Shopify SEO for success

Shopify is a rising juggernaut in the e-commerce sector and is seen as Amazon’s only real challenger because it arms merchants with more control over the tools and data they can use. The merchant class of old is re-emerging thanks in part to Shopify’s customers—thousands of stores of varying size—paying monthly subscriptions to use their software.

These stores are made up of budding entrepreneurs, craftspeople, retailers who were looking for ways to connect to the mass potential of the internet and found the storefront to suit their needs.

The age of commerce being dominated by big department stores swallowing up mom-and-pop stores is now seeing a reversal, with Shopify championing the B2B e-commerce sector. As a result, Shopify’s market capitalization surpassed USD $40 billion in 2019 — more than eBay.

Target Buyers with Precision

Get Targeted Traffic to Your Storefront

In 2018, shoppers spent more than $40 billion dollars throughout 800,000 merchants using Shopify. This is why we at First Page are the premier Shopify marketing agency in Hong Kong—we help manage your business in order to match the company’s meteoric growth and success to result in your satisfaction. With online sales worldwide predicted to surpass USD $5 trillion in 2021, now is the time brands need to take the initiative.

An E-Commerce strategy is the perfect complement to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, such as Search Ads and Google Shopping. While PPC brings your site into the coveted slices of search engines dedicated to paid ad spaces, E-Commerce optimization is an organic technique that raises rankings according to the relevance of your site and products to search phrases. These organic and paid methods combined can blast your ROI straight into the stratosphere!

Your Shopify Superhero When it Comes to Online Sales

First Page can set your brand up for success on Shopify. You will get access to:

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Why use us

First Page specializes in growing your organic traffic and sales from Google. With the help with our Shopify storefront experts, your business in Hong Kong will be on track for growth.

SEO for Shopify

Why we can help

We understand how to leverage expert-level digital marketing techniques and strategies to help your brand come on top of your competitors. Leave your brand’s link building, coding, keyword research, and other essentials to the best in the business - First Page

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What to do next

While Shopify makes SEO a walk in the park, First Page optimizes its usage so that your brand will be taking full advantage of the tools provided. Contact us today to find out more about using search engine optimization for Shopify in Hong Kong.

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