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Video is the fastest growing medium on the web, and businesses around the world are realizing just how effective it can be for marketing and selling products.

In fact, countless companies are taking advantage of this blossoming medium as part of their SEO strategy for both YouTube and Google.

With far more people gaining access to smartphones and faster internet connections, it has become easier than ever to deliver videos to far more people around the world.

How the SEO video optimization scene has changed

Over the years, videos and other rich media have taken the SEO world by storm. The advent of YouTube and other video hosting websites alongside the quality cameras on our smartphones has led to an explosion of user generated video content.

At this point, almost every website with significant traffic has a video somewhere on it.

As the medium became more accessible, people were quick to realize the potential it carried for creating engaging and powerful content.

When users started favoring video content, it started a chain reaction: search engines responded by increasing the prevalence of it throughout their search results, and businesses or content creators responded by pushing out more videos onto their websites.

To complete the loop, as more videos get hosted on the internet, more users begin to search directly for video content and a surge in clicks on multimedia content. With the opportunity to rank highly on Google’s universal search as well as their video search, SEO video optimization puts you in the spotlight and allows you to amplify your reach and views.

Drive views with
YouTube SEO

Most of us know that Google is the largest search engine in the world. But what is the second largest? Baidu? Yahoo? Bing? Nope – its YouTube.

Many of us don’t think of YouTube as a search engine as much as a video hosting platform, but it gathers up to a billion queries each month from a user base of 2+ billion people around the world.

Its global reach has attracted people of all generations to watch music videos, instructions, guides, vlogs (video blogs), trailers and so much more.

This means two things: that it’s a goldmine for content creators looking to spread their content, but also an incredibly competitive space. Other than how quality your content is, it's down to your YouTube SEO efforts that dictate whether your content will get seen.

With our expertise in YouTube SEO, you’ll be able to push out well optimized videos that get sent straight to the first page of results rather than being drowned out amongst the competition. Hiring someone like us to help with the professional search optimization of videos allows you to spend more time on what you’re great at: creating content itself.

Get help from SEO specialists in Hong Kong that know their way around video optimization

SEO video optimization takes time, effort and knowledge. Whether you need video SEO for your website or YouTube, our team has the capability to optimize your content and push it to the top of the ranking pages.

Throughout the course of your campaign, we will take the time to truly understand what your business goals are, what your current position in the market is as well as analyze any competitors.

With this information, we can put together a bespoke video SEO strategy to help you grow and expand your operations here in Hong Kong and across the globe. Expect to receive regular reporting on the status of your campaign as well as ongoing adjustments that help you get the best possible results.

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VenueHub is Hong Kong’s leading venue booking platform with 1,000+ memorable event spaces to choose from. The company has revolutionised how event spaces are sourced and booked.

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Very happy with the service. They have made a great campaign for my business and our sales have doubled up!!! They are always available if you have any questions.
No Bed Bugs
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Very effective and efficient digital marketing Agency. Especially great photo / video production capabilites. Was very impressed by their creativeness.
Deepinder Dhillon
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Very happy with first page hk so far. They are extremely helpful, reply all your questions, and help you on your SEO goals from day 1. Thank you guys!
David Cornadó Musté
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Thanks to our Digital Strategist who offered us excellent customer experiences and services. Detailed analytics on market information and our website activities was given.
Guardforce Group
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
After only a month of working with First Page, I have received more leads than any month previously. Their attention, creativity and hands-on approach are second to none.
Sean Oliver
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I received a lot of help from Lars Maehler, especially for Facebook Ads. Facebook is always evolving and Lars helped me focus on the right things. Thank you for your professionalism.
Make It Colourful
“We’ve just finished broadcasting our first season and the response was totally overwhelming. It’s been great working with First Page.”

Sophia Chan-Yap P.K. – CEO and co-founder - Path of Victors
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“I found First Page in order to save costs. This company is very powerful and can successfully push the page to the first page within just half a year.”

Payton – Founder - Sakura Home Services
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“First Page helped us a lot, so that we ranked far better in search engines. It’s become very easy for clients to find us, and they can call us for our services.”

Eddie – uBaby
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“First Page gave us very personalized, very tailor-made specific suggestions and strategies on how to grow our business, to let more people know about us online.”

Colin – Director - Tuttee Academy
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We work with great brands of all sizes

We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes

FAQs by our SEO Director

Is video SEO worth my time or money?

If your business is already creating videos on a regular basis and receives traffic from YouTube, SEO for videos and other rich media - then yes, it’s totally worth it.

Being the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube is an untapped SEO goldmine.

How does video SEO work?
Just like Google and other search engines, YouTube looks for certain “ranking signals” which will affect the results page. Things like tags, video titles, descriptions and more can affect the way YouTube ranks your video.
Why do we place such an emphasis on video SEO for YouTube?
Much like how Google is the dominant search engine, YouTube is by far the biggest video hosting platform in the world. Adhering to the best practices for YouTube will gather you the best results and return on investment.

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